About Me

Hi, I’m Janette Reinke! I'm a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist but you could call me:

  • a marriage mender
  • an ADHD warrior
  • or a shame and blame buster.

(I love helping people and couples live their best lives - especially those struggling with ADHD)


How I can help you heal your relationships

Do you feel that the love and connection that used to be in your relationship has been lost? Do you feel hopeless that things might never change?

I can help you. 

I guide couples through the (sometimes difficult, but always healing) process of mending their relationships so that they can live happy, wonderful lives again.

For more information about couples counseling, click here.


How I can help individuals

I provide therapy for survivors or emotional and sexual abuse, recovering after divorce, grief, depression, bipolar disorder, life issues, ADHD, or just want to grow and meet their goals. I help clients find healing, hope, and strength, so that they no longer need to feel powerless and victimized.


THE adhd struggle is real


As someone who wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until I was 35 years old, I understand how untreated and undiagnosed ADHD/ADD can harm relationships and be the source of pain and struggle in the lives of so many adults. 

(Ever have to set an alarm to remind you to stop what you are doing and connect with your partner or family - because you are so focused on some “shiny” thing that you forget that the rest of the world even exists?)

Yeah, me too.

My mission is to help people (you) understand that you aren’t “crazy” - and that with:

  • treatment
  • support
  • and gaining new ways of coping

you can have a happier, more fulfilling life and relationships - And finally be able to pick up the kids on time!

I believe that happy and healthy relationships can change families and future generations. If you are ready to live the life you deserve and want support, a guide, and new tools to help you reach your goals, then contact me to schedule an introductory session.

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I am a graduate of Concordia (College) University, Seward, NE, with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, Theology, and Youth Ministry, and received my Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Friends University. I have worked with families, children, high school youth, parents, and couples as a Christian educator, Director of Christian Education, parenting coach and educator at churches in Nebraska, Tennessee, and Kansas.

With a background as a Director of Christian Education, I am comfortable bringing aspects of spirituality and faith into the therapy session. At the same time, I honor that not everyone wants this perspective and I only discusses faith issues if the client requests that spirituality be a part of the treatment plan. 

In my free time, I love spending time with my two daughters, taking my two shih tzus dogs on walks, reading, crocheting, knitting, watching LOST and The West Wing on Netflix, and... wait! a squirrel!