Resources & Links

ADHD/ADD Founded in 2012, ADHDKC is Kansas City’s Non-Profit CHADD Chapter. ADHDKC provides support for thousands of area parents/caregivers of ADHD kids & adults thriving with ADHD. We are committed to providing; monthly group meetings, community outreach & the most updated news/resources on ADHD. ADHDKC was created to build awareness while countering myths & misunderstandings associated with ADHD.

Kay Grossman - ADHD & Effectiveness Coach in Kansas City - "I coach adults who want their professional and personal lives to be consistently successful, productive and rewarding. My coaching method gives you the clarity and tools to take control of your day and achieve your goals."

ADHD Marriage - An excellent website with tons of information about ADHD and relationships. I highly recommend Melissa Orlov's two books and use them in my practice. If you only do one thing to save your ADHD marriage, read her two books.

ADDvance - Information for women and girls with ADHD/ADD - Lots of good information here, including checklists, info on ADHD and menopause & hormones, and help for all stages of a woman's life. - Advocacy group for people with ADHD - tons of information here.

ADHD, A Women's Issue - By the American Psychological Association with great info here about how ADHD in women has been overlooked by just about everyone, and information on the unique issues of women with ADHD.

Living with Adult ADD - by ADDitude Magazine - A great page with tons of links, blog articles, and information about how to live well with Adult ADHD.

Depression & Bipolar Disorder

DBSA - Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance - DBSA provides hope, help, support, and education to improve the lives of people who have mood disorders. A thorough website with education on depression and bipolar disorder, support groups, and treatment information.

Depression at Psych Central - a great place to start with lots of basic information, treatment options, blogs and support for depression - or any mental health issue.

Suicide Lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK (8255) - a hotline for support if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts. They also have online chat if you'd prefer.

Help Yourself Get Through Depression on a Day by Day Basis - A great site (don't let the dated appearance scare you off) - with tons of down to earth information on living day to day with depression. More Helpful Links from this site - check these out.

Bipolar Happens - Written by someone who has learned to manage Bipolar II and has some good practical tips on living with Bipolar Disorder. Hopeful tone, and very helpful.

Bipolar Mom Life - Blog written by a mom with Bipolar Disorder. Honest in style and hopeful in tone.

Bipolar Disorder Info & Blogs at Psychology Today - a landing page for info and all of the blogs about Bipolar Disorder at Psychology Today.



Self Help for Managing Anxiety - A great resource site with guides on how to manage anxiety, treatment options, and other self help information. Lots of information at this site.

Anxiety Disorders at NIMH - A good list of all of the anxiety disorders, symptoms, and a run down of effective treatments.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America - A clearinghouse of information all about anxiety and depression and other related disorders. 

Living with an Anxiety Disorder - A great resource page at Psych Central, with a general overview of anxiety, and a link to tons of blog articles with tips and support for people struggling with anxiety.

50 Strategies to Beat Anxiety - a list at Psychology Today with great ideas for what to do when you are struggling with anxiety. A list for when you need good ideas to manage anxiety.


PTSD Basics at Psychology Today - Basic information and a link to many Psychology Today blogs about PTSD.

PTSD at the VA - Pretty much anything you'd ever want to know about PTSD, whether you are military or not.

PTSD at NIMH - Another good list of symptoms, treatments and information about PTSD.

Grief & Loss

Grief and Loss - Even though this is a page from a College Counseling center at the University of Texas, it has GREAT information about handling grief.

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