Adult ADHD Treatment Group


A weekly group for Adults with ADHD who are ...

  • Overwhelmed
  • Struggling to get anything done
  • Discouraged about the ADHD problems in your life
  • Lonely
  • Tired of being late
  • Sick of feeling unable to manage your life
  • Embarrassed that you can't make yourself do what you need to do
  • Worried that your marriage or relationship just might not survive 

The most important factor in changing the problems caused by ADHD is support and accountability. Will power won't work for adults with ADHD and need "external accountability". You know what to do, you just can't seem to do what you know to do. Got it?

ADHD is not a disorder of not knowing what to do,
but of not doing what you know.
— Dr. Russell Barkley

Benefits of Group Therapy for Adults with ADHD

  • Support without nagging
  • Relating to other adults with ADHD and feeling understood
  • Help you create, set, and reach realistic goals
  • Help you break down your tasks into manageable pieces
  • Hold you accountable (No more failing will power)
  • Help you manage the feeling of overwhelm
  • Encouragement and compassion
  • More economical than individual ADHD coaching or therapy
  • Increased happiness in your relationships and family


Group Rate: $50 per session or $175 per month ($25/monthly savings)
**An intake session is required for new clients**
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