Adult ADHD Treatment & Coaching Group FAQs

Are you interested in the Adult ADHD Treatment & Coaching group, but not sure if it is for you? Check out the questions below, and let me know if you have any other questions, and I'll answer them for you.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the Adult ADHD Treatment & Coaching Group

Why should I do this?         

  • The most important piece to adult ADHD treatment is external accountability since your ADHD brain can’t do that for you. And, it is time to let your family or spouse off of the hook and get them out of the parent role - the group will help and support you to make the changes you want.        

What if I'm just not sure about the group or if I can really do it? What if I fail?        

  • You CAN’T fail. And I mean that. That isn’t just positive talk or being all Pollyanna. What I mean is that if you for whatever reason are struggling with the goals you set, it is just data for us to use in adjusting your goals, or adjusting your approach, or attending to some roadblock. Struggling with something just means that we need to stop and take a look and maybe do some problem solving. Brainstorming and problem solving is never failure.


  • Ask yourself if this fear of setting goals or feeling of being overwhelmed is rooted in shame and past pain. I’ll bet that you have not had as much support for your ADHD as you could have used. Sometimes the right environment can help the healing process so that you can start to make progress. We are hear for you. That’s one of the best things about a group!     


Is there a set curriculum? Is this a class? Can we just meet online? Why in person?

  • Yes, you can find this kind of help online, in virtual groups. And those might be perfect for you. But let me ask you this? Why haven't you done that then? I am doing in person groups for a couple of reasons: accountability and support is stronger with actual people, all in the same room. I find it easier to just sort of coast along and be half committed in virtual environments. And, when I am attending an online seminar, it is too easy to be distracted and only half involved in what is going on.      


How long do I have to attend group?

  • As long as you need and not one time longer. This group is here for you, and you get to move at your own pace. Because there is no set curriculum that we have to cover each week, you won’t get left behind. Once you feel that you are able to utilize the tools that you have learned, especially how to set up your own external accountability system, then you get to decide if you are done. At a minimum, I think you should plan on coming at least 4 times (that is an extreme minimum) but, more like at least 8 weeks, to start to make good and significant progress.      


What is the actual group like?

  • Support, help you set REALISTIC goals, ask you about the goals the next week. If you didn't reach your goals, there isn't judgment, it's just data! 
  • Fun learning activities
  • Adaptable for the perfect fit
  • Maybe even food/snacks and support and laughs.      


Do we have to meet weekly? Or can we just do every other week or so?

  • I know everyone has busy schedules, and a weekly commitment might be a bit. And, how can accountability work if we meet less frequently?  This is a group of action, or learning how to take action if you aren't ready for that step yet. You can read tons of books, or watch tons of online seminars if all you want to do is learn more about what to do. We will talk some about that, but for most ADHDers, it isn't about learning more of what do do, but doing more of what you know.      


Can I use HSA or FSA debit cards?

  • YES!! Yes, you can. I also can take credit cards for payment, and offer a discount for pre-payment.


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