ADHD Get it Done Tip - Use Social Media to help keep you Accountable

So, I'm going to do what I suggested at the Adhdkc meeting on Tuesday, and put my goal "out there" on social media - to hold myself accountable, and actually get it done. I'm feeling resistance, or "friction" as I like to call it, to doing this task and since I suggested this tip as one to try, I thought I would follow my own words.


I must admit that putting this out there feels scary and vulnerable. What if I don't actually get it done? And, oh man! I just remembered that I have a family event tonight, and I was figuring that I would use tonight to get my goal done - evenings/night are when I seem most productive some days. Hmmm.... Maybe I should just not stick my neck out? 


So, *deep breath* (I can feel my anxiety creeping up), I have a goal to send out my first email newsletter on Sunday. In order to do that, there are some "pre-steps" that I need to do. I took some time yesterday to identify some of the little steps, and make a little bit of a game plan. I was excited to work on it today, and like I said I'm feeling "friction" - but not for any rational reason.

My goal for today that I'm putting "out there" is to get a page up on my website for the new Adult ADHD group. Can be a simple page and I can tweak it later. Doesn't have to be perfect. (these are the self-talk items that I'm reminding myself) 

**Done is better than perfect.**

It won't take very long, and I'm not completely clear on my resistance that I'm feeling. So, in response to noting how I'm feeling - I want to hide and not make a commitment to get this task done - I'm going to use a DBT technique called "opposite action". Instead of hiding, I'm putting my goal out there. Even if nobody ever reads this post, my goal is out there, and I don't want to let myself down.

Now, if for some reason I don't meet this goal, I will get the opportunity to practice radical acceptance, and remind myself that for some reason, this goal didn't work. I'll come back here and follow up and process what happened. My hope is that not only will this process help me get something done, but that I can model one example of how to use "external accountability".

Is there something that you are putting off today, that you could easily get done today? Are you needing some accountability? Post it here - take the risk and make it public! 😳

And, if you are wanting help with external accountability (accountability that is not dependent on your own will power, but is with the help and of others), contact me about the upcoming Adults with ADHD Accountability Treatment Group. 

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